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Switch to Varaq Paper Boards. But why?

At Varaq International, we understand that choosing the right paperboard solutions is crucial for the success of your projects.

Varaq International


Introducing Varaq International's Carton Board: premium Folding Box Board (FBB) meticulously crafted for optimal strength and printability, offering a distinct economic edge. This value-packed FBB serves everyday packaging needs and seamlessly transitions from secondary-fiber based boards.

Engineered with medium bulk and stiffness, our Carton Board meets standard requirements in offset printing, folder-gluers, and filling line operations. At Varaq International, we prioritize quality and performance, ensuring that our Carton Board not only looks great but also provides the durability and functionality your products deserve.

Varaq International


Barrier Boards: the sustainable solution to replacing plastic in packaging. With innovative barrier coating solutions, our paperboard offers a renewable, low-carbon alternative to plastic, providing high protection and strong performance for demanding end-use applications.

Say goodbye to plastic and embrace a more eco-friendly approach with our Barrier Boards. Crafted with sustainability in mind, our boards are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern packaging while reducing environmental impact

Varaq International


Introducing Varaq International's Cup Stock: the lightweight paper solution designed to elevate your cup packaging experience. Crafted from bleached chemical pulp, our Cup Stock boasts excellent stiffness, ensuring a secure grip for cups of smaller sizes.

Ideal for a wide range of cup applications, our Cup Stock is specially engineered to serve as the perfect substrate for LDPE and other barrier coatings. Whether you're packaging hot beverages, cold drinks, or other liquid-based products, our Cup Stock provides the durability and performance you need to deliver exceptional results.

Varaq International


Introducing Varaq International's Liquid Packaging Boards: the ultimate solution for packaging liquids with confidence and reliability. Our Liquid Packaging Boards are multi-ply paperboards crafted with precision to offer high stiffness, strong wet sizing, and an exceptional barrier coating.

Comprising only virgin paper fibers, our Liquid Packaging Boards are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of liquid packaging. The high barrier coating ensures that liquids are securely held within the packaging while preventing the migration of air and flavors through the paperboard.

Varaq International


The premium choice for top-liner applications in corrugated boxes. Crafted from Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) board, our Liner Board is meticulously designed with a focus on enhancing compression strength and ensuring superior printing qualit

With a careful control on burst and ring crush strength, our Liner Board is engineered to reinforce the structural integrity of corrugated cartons, providing added durability and protection for your products. The smooth surface and bleached virgin fibers offer the perfect canvas for high-quality printing, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp graphics that make your packaging stand out.

Varaq International


Discover Varaq International's Solid Board: an exquisite collection of laminated boards tailored for various applications. Our Solid Board lineup offers customizable base board combinations to meet diverse requirements, ensuring versatility and flexibility in packaging solutions.

Crafted to perfection, our Solid Board beautifully combines strength and stiffness with purity and aesthetics, making it the ultimate choice for high-end packaging. Whether you're packaging luxury goods, cosmetics, or premium consumer products, our boards deliver unmatched quality and sophistication.

Upgrade Your Packaging Today with Varaq: Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Success!