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Packaging Essentials to Safeguard Your Goods.

Explore our comprehensive range of packaging essentials, including tapes, films, bubble wraps, and more, designed to safeguard your goods during transit and storage.

Varaq International

BOPP Clear Tape

Discover our high-quality BOPP clear tape, designed to provide reliable adhesion for all your packaging needs. Trusted by businesses worldwide, our BOPP clear tape ensures that your packages stay securely sealed during transit and storage. With its strong adhesive properties and durable construction, you can have peace of mind knowing that your shipments are protected from tampering and damage. Choose Varaq International's BOPP clear tape for a reliable and efficient packaging solution that safeguards your goods throughout their journey.

Varaq International

BOPP Brown Tape

Varaq International's BOPP Brown Tape offers robust sealing solutions with a natural, earthy tone. Crafted from high-quality materials, our brown tape provides strong adhesion and durability, ensuring your packages remain secure throughout their journey. Whether you're shipping products or storing items, our BOPP brown tape offers reliable protection with a touch of rustic charm. Choose Varaq International for packaging solutions that combine strength, durability, and natural aesthetics.

Varaq International

Neck Sealing Tape

Neck Sealing Tape is the perfect solution for sealing and securing the necks of bags, pouches, and other packaging containers. Whether you're packaging food products, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, our neck sealing tape delivers dependable performance and professional presentation. With strong adhesion and a secure seal, our tape ensures that your products are safely contained and protected during storage and transit. Trust Varaq International for high-quality packaging solutions that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

Varaq International

Warning Tape

Warning Tape is your reliable solution for enhancing safety and visibility in workplaces, construction sites, and public areas. Crafted with durability in mind, our warning tape features vibrant colors and bold text to effectively convey caution messages and hazard warnings. Whether you need to mark off restricted areas, indicate potential hazards, or highlight safety precautions, our warning tape ensures clear communication and promotes a safer environment for all. Trust Varaq International for high-quality warning tape that prioritizes safety and peace of mind.

Varaq International

Fragile Tape

Fragile Tape is the ideal solution for marking and identifying delicate packages that require special care during shipping and handling. Crafted with attention to detail, our fragile tape features bold lettering and vibrant colors to alert handlers to handle with care. Whether you're shipping fragile items, glassware, electronics, or artwork, our fragile tape offers peace of mind and added protection against mishandling. Trust Varaq International for high-quality fragile tape that ensures your delicate shipments arrive safely and intact.

Varaq International

Stretch Films

Whether you're bundling packages, stabilizing loads, or protecting items from dust and moisture, our stretch film delivers superior performance and peace of mind. Crafted from high-quality material, our stretch film provides excellent stretch and cling for secure containment. With its versatility and reliability, our stretch film is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries. Trust Varaq International for stretch films that ensure your products are well-protected and securely packaged throughout their journey.

Varaq International

Bubble Roll

Varaq International offers high-quality bubble material for maximum cushioning and protection with our Bubble Roll. Designed to safeguard your shipments during transit, our bubble roll features small and uniform air bubbles that provide consistent cushioning across wrapped items. Its lightweight and flexible design allow for easy wrapping and contouring to various shapes, ensuring optimal protection for fragile goods. Additionally, our bubble roll is perforated every few feet for convenient tearing and customizing the length as needed, offering flexibility and efficiency in packaging. Trust Varaq International for bubble roll that prioritizes the safety and security of your shipments.

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