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Varaq International

Solid Board

Varaq International's Solid Boards offer a premium laminated solution for a variety of applications. These boards are customizable to suit diverse requirements and beautifully combine strength, stiffness, purity, and aesthetics, making them the ultimate choice for high-end packaging. With excellent sheet flatness and superior strength, our Solid Boards are designed for luxury packaging needs.

Choose Varaq International's Solid Boards for your luxury packaging needs and experience the perfect blend of quality, durability, and aesthetics.


⦿ Rigid boxes
⦿ Cake bases
⦿ Garment tags
⦿ Photo albums, menus, desk calendars
⦿ Files, folders
⦿ Book and diary covers


⦿ Customizable: Can be tailored to specific requirements.
⦿ Excellent Sheet Flatness: Ensures a smooth and uniform surface.
⦿Superior Strength: Provides durability and stability for various applications.

⦿ Can be offered with FSC® Certification.
⦿ Range : 1mm - 4mm

Upgrade Your Packaging Today with Varaq: Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Success!